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The Castle of Sirok

The most famous sight of Sirok is the Castle hill on the 294 m high dreary rhyolite tuff; even its ruins offer a beautiful sight each month of the year. There is also a wonderful circle panorama from the top.

Events: Every year at the end of June, the Castle days of Sirok are organized. During this time the tourists can enjoy many different programs, such as the procession of hussars, knights and archers.

Egerszalók - thermal spring

The village lies in northeast of Hungary, Heves County, near to the city of Eger. There is no railway station, but roads from several directions make it readily accessible by bus and private transport; the roads to Eger and towards Route 3 and Kápolna are good. Regular bus services via Eger make it easily approached from Budapest, Miskolc, Mezõkövesd and the Mátra Hills.

The Hot Spring is situated by the main road between Egerszalók and Demjén. The spring was found in 1961 and it has been considered one of the most outstanding natural formations of the region since then. The steaming white residue of the spring makes it an attractive sight amids the dark pine trees. The water ' s microchemical composition is truly unique. The medicinal water in Egerszalók has international significance for the treatment of physical handicap diseases.

The temperature of the spring water is 68 ° C. The Egerszalok-thermal spring can be found only 12,5 miles from the Castle Pension & Restaurant, and open all year round.


The bequest of Pál Borics

In the village of Sirok, the stone-carver Pál Borics (1912-1969) was born and played an important role. He was called as a „stone-child“. Even today his works have a significant meaning. In the library of Sirok there is still to view some part of his works.





Bükkszék - thermal bath

The settlement of 950 inhabitants lies in a colourful environment in the hills of Pétervására, 19 miles northwest of Eger. It has good road links and the nearest railway station is in Sirok, on the Kál-Bátonyterenye line. This tiny resort in a lovely natural setting lies to the north of the Mátra Hills. The Mátra and the nearby city of Eger offer plenty of exciting excursions and activities. Its sour medicinal water Salvus is noted at home and abroad as an effective treatment for gastric and intestinal conditions. As a bathing cure, the bromic - iodic water helps to relieve rheumatic complaints, while its high sodium bicarbonate content makes it very suitable for treating degenerative physical handicaps and gynaecological, respiratory and gum disorders. Its temperature is 40 °C.

Bukkszek – thermal bath can be found  only 4 miles from the Castle Pension Restaurant, and open every year between 1 May and 31 August.


Kútvölgy is a beauty spot and also a favorite place for excursions and rest. Tourists often visit it because they can barbecue meats there.

Program:  Every year at the end of July the International Meeting of Motor-cyclists is organized.