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Fried cheese with rice, sauce 850 Ft
Fried mushrooms with rice, sauce 800 Ft
Hortobágyi meat pancakes 900 Ft


Meat-sup with noodles 400 Ft
French onion soup 450 Ft
Mushroom soup in sour cream 450 Ft
Cold fruit-soup with cream 550 Ft
Hungarian kettle-goulash 750 Ft
Goulash in paloc style 800 Ft
Hungarian bean goulash 850 Ft

Fish dishes

Roasted trout 2200 Ft
Fried carp fillets with boiled potatoes 2000 Ft
Fired small fish fillets with rice and sauce 1100 Ft

Poultry dishes

Hawaii chicken breast fillets 1500 Ft
Chicken breast with french fries 1400 Ft
Chicken leg fillets with cheese and mashed potatoes 1400 Ft
Chicken breast rolled in bacon in 'captain' style 1550 Ft
Chicken breast fillets stuffed with butter and spice 1550 Ft

Pork dishes

Cordon - Bleu width rice and french fries 1650 Ft
'Kárpáti - borzacska' traditional food with french fries 1650 Ft
Fried pork cutlet with french fries 1450 Ft
Pork chop in 'Vidroczky' style with egg dumplings 1450 Ft
Pork cutlet in 'Mátrai betyár' style with french fries 1650 Ft
Gipsy steak with french fries 1550 Ft
Pork cutlet in small pieces with fried potatoes 1450 Ft
Stuffed cabbage 950 Ft
'Castle-platter' (for two people) 3900 Ft
'Siroker-wood plate' (for two people) 3900 Ft
'Siroker-wood plate' (for one people) 1950 Ft

Veal dishes

Veal fillet 2300 Ft
Hungarian paprika veal with potato vermicelli 2100 Ft

Beef dished

Hungarian sirloin with fried potatoes 2200 Ft
Sorloin with french fries in 'Holsten' style 2250 Ft
Tripe stew with boiled potatoes 1400 Ft
Beef stew with fartel 1500 Ft

Game dishes

Wild boar stew with egg dumplings 1800 Ft
Row stew with potato vermicelli 1800 Ft
Deer cutlets with croquettes and cranberry sauce 1950 Ft


Tomato salad 500 Ft
Tzatziki salad 500 Ft
Greek salad 750 Ft
Cucumber salad 400 Ft
Pickled gherkin 300 Ft
Mixed homemade pickles 450 Ft


Cottage cheese paste with cracklings 850 Ft
Potato vermicelli with sheep's cottage cheese 950 Ft
Bolognese spaghetti 850 Ft
Macaroni with cheese 600 Ft
Semolina pastry with apricot jam 950 Ft


'Castle' sundae 500 Ft
Mashed chestnut with whipped cream 550 Ft
Pancakes one portion (two pieces) 450 Ft